Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May Glossybox 2012 Canada

Suckered into getting yet another beauty monthly subscription~ Glossybox~~

I received this on Friday last week, however I didn't get to put up this post until now due to my D3 addiction~ However, I did get to try out most of these things so I've got a few thoughts to share with you :) Onto the goodies!
Can I say Wow to the packaging? I really like the details, the pink crown logo, the black and pink, and the box! I liked it so much that right after I emptied it, I put it to use by storing some of my other MU stuff... :D
Like other boxes, it had a little description card with this month's product info in it~
First item: Curel Foot Cream (100ml) I was surprised that I really liked this foot cream. It claims to 'improve the look and feel of even the driest heels and feet... hydrates and softens dry, cracked feet in just 2 nights.' I used it for two nights and I saw and felt a difference. My heels feel so nice now, I won't be scared to wear sandals this summer. One tip, put on socks after you apply it, this way will ensure that it doesn't get everywhere and keep the moisturizing to your feet only. Another plus I wanted to mention, this cream smells so nice!
Simple - Eye makeup remover (56ml) When I first saw the bottle I was a little skeptical about this makeup remover because the packaging just didn't appeal to me. But I gave it a try that same night and found it very pleasant and removed my makeup well. This is not the typical two-part makeup remover I'm used to, but it did the job without leaving the oily/greasy feeling around my eyes. All eye makeup was removed except for my mascara since it's the 'warm water removal'  type. 
Simple - Facial Wash gel (50ml) This was a non-scented, gentle face wash that I really enjoyed using in conjunction with my Clarisonic Mia. I would definitely consider purchasing the full size of this face wash in the future.
Sebastian - Professional Volupt Shampoo (Full size at 250ml) I saw SLS in the ingredient list and was a bit iffy at using it. I have not even smelled it yet, but have left it in my cabinet. Hopefully, will get to it in a month... haha...
Pandora's Makeup - Lip Gloss in Ciao (Full Size at 10ml) I am always happy to see a Canadian brand in my beauty box, however, I really didn't need another lip gloss~ This is so far the only product that is different from other May Glossyboxes I've seen. Everyone else got a boxx cream corrector that I wished I had received (always wanting what you don't have -__-) I swatched the colour on the back of my hand, but did not apply it on my lips, I thought it was too dark... maybe if I feel courageous, I would try it on my lips someday!
My first impression of Glossybox? I really liked it. I look forward to trying out different products and the surprises I may get :) A!

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