Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Loose Button Luxebox: May 2012


I really spoiled my own fun earlier today by checking out another blogger's post and finding out about this month's luxe box...

Anyhoot, my box finally came today so here goes~
Lots of stuff for the month of May

Cargo Blu_Ray lip gloss Belize - this was the full size product I got, retailed at $25. First impression: it smells very minty and when you first apply it you'll feel a slight tingly sensation on your lips (that eventually goes away). The colour that I got is actually very sheer and only adds a shine to my lip. I thought that the Timestrip Technology part was pretty cool, however, I don't see gloss lasting 9 months if I use it daily XD
Orlane Oligo vitalizing scrub - I feel a bit iffy about getting an Orlane product as I seem to be a bit sensitive to it on my face. This is suppose to help exfoliate dead skin cells to leave your face feeling fresh, smooth, bright and soft (big claim.) Will see.
Paco Rabanne Black XS L'exces for Him/Her - I don't really care for perfume sample such as these ones. I won't use it and the for 'Him' one was suppose to be a 'bonus.' Can I trade the two for something else? :D
Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask - If this came last month I would have been happier. This must be the 5th   product from this brand that I've received in my Luxe box... can I say that I'm feeling a bit bored?
This month we got a little something extra, a Bath and Body Box box which came with a Venus & Olay razor and an Olay Regenerist wrinkle revolution complex (my second one). I'm quite excited about the razor since the concept of a moisture bar on the razor is pretty interesting and good if it works.
Overall, this box was really meh~ I don't know if it was because I spoiled my own fun by reading ahead or if I am just bored with the repeat of brands and products I keep seeing in my luxe box. There was no first in line this month which was surprisingly a relief. Even though it was a 'meh' box, I think I'd still give it a B since two products out of the bunch made me happy/excited (lip gloss + razor). Am I the only one who thinks that these sample boxes lack a certain 'omph' to it?

If only they come up with a subscription box that contain samples of Asian products... I would be ecstatic!

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