Monday, June 25, 2012

BalmShelter tinted moisturizer SPF18

I've only use foundations and BB cream before but I have never tried out tinted moisturizers... So seeing that this product was on Hautelook for $12.50 I thought, why not? 

I tried squeezing the product out for a while until I realized this...
Ingredients listed on the back
Looks thick but feels quite light and easy to apply
Description from theBalm website:
"weightless, silky smooth tinted moisturizer SPF 18 offers lasting moisture and helps to improve the tone and texture of your skin, leaving you with a polished complexion."

  • very photogenic (just look at the picture below)
  • no fragrance (maybe just a tad of sunscreen smell)
  • has SPF 18
  • not greasy
  • smooth and blends very well
  • did not (yet) break me out
  • not tested on animals
  • did not even skin tone 
  • was not very moisturizing
My 2 cents:
I really enjoy wearing this TM on days I don't want to wear foundation either because I am too lazy or if my face was acting funny (ie dry patches on cheek). It looks very natural and I love the matte finish (no grease pool!) One down side is the lack of coverage (it really is minimal, if any), another thing is that it alone is not moisturizing enough. However, if you don't mind layering this on top of your regular skincare routine plus dab on a little bit of concealer on troubled areas, then this is great! 

Pictures are always so deceiving. I took this picture with flash and it makes my face look pretty even out, except it's not. There is still quite a bit of redness and blemishes showing. So, I would like to apologize for the washed out look. 


  1. I love theBalm but I haven't tried this product yet...sad it didn't even things out much!

    1. It's a tinted moisturizer after all~~~ XD Your skin is so clear, this to be okay for you! If you want more coverage you can always try a BB cream :)


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