Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Glossybox 2012 Canada

My ubber heavy June Glossybox arrived yesterday (nevermind that it was scheduled to arrive on the 27th!) Here's what's in it:
  • Bioré Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser 200ml @ $9.99 [full size]
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion (14ml) SPF55 88ml @ $15.99
  • Wella Professionals Ocean Spiritz 150ml @$16.99 [full size]
  • Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex (7ml) 50ml @ $30.99
  • Cover Girl Flipstick - Blendable lip duo in Minx 3.8gr @$12.50 [full size]
  • Gillette Venus Embrace Razor 1 kit @ $13.43
  • Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strip (1 sheet) 8ct @ $9.99
What am I most excited to try?
I am looking for the perfect cleanser to go with my Clarisonic, so I look forward to trying this one out.
Being a sunscreen addict lately, you can understand why this excites me ^_^
I'm glad to see a familiar product in my Glossybox, especially one that I love!
Grade? A-. I'm happy to get 3 full size products + razor (important for smooth legs this summer.)  I enjoy the variety of drug store brand products, but I look forward to some high end products in future boxes :) Do you have any monthly subscriptions? What did you get?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NOTD: Ms. Perfectly Pink

I'm holding an invisible bottle ^_^
I have been feeling extremely girly lately, hence the pink on pink. :) The two colours used are Ms. Perfectly Pink and Pink-a-boo finished off with a little nail art sticker that I purchased from Dollarama some time ago (I finally got around to using.) What do you think? Does the one nail stand out too much? My little cousin did the opposite where the majority of her nails are a deep green and the single finger was a matte mint with black nail art on it :) Are pictures needed? Let me know what you think~

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love package: MAC warehouse sale

Even though I didn't get to go to the June MAC warehouse sale, I received some goodies from Dee ^_^

Then I got some love from Moose :)

Rosette Hello Kitty Lip Treatment

If I am a sucker for anything it would be any limited edition OR exclusive items... I am not the biggest Hello Kitty fan out there, but when I saw this Japan exclusive Hello Kitty lip treatment, I had to have it! This is probably the first Hello Kitty product I purchased in a long time... and it is awesome! I actually think it is my favourite gloss at the moment because it isn't too sticky but gives a beautiful shine, moisturizes and provides SPF for my lips :)
Here's a little description of it from Sasa website:
"Rosette Hello Kitty SPF10 PA+ Lip Treatment repairs damaged lips with each application. It can soothe and condition your lips, preventing it from suffering from chapping, formation of wrinkles. Your lips look healthy and soft throughout the year, even under the very dry climate in winter!"

  • has SPF 10 (perfect for summer)
  • smells delicious (Sweet Apple)
  • not too sticky
  • makes lip feel softer
  • when over applied, it is too shiny
  • horrible packaging (product spills out easily)
  • could only be purchased online

Lips with Espie Lip Treatment
Lips with Rosette lip treatment

Monday, June 25, 2012

BalmShelter tinted moisturizer SPF18

I've only use foundations and BB cream before but I have never tried out tinted moisturizers... So seeing that this product was on Hautelook for $12.50 I thought, why not? 

I tried squeezing the product out for a while until I realized this...
Ingredients listed on the back
Looks thick but feels quite light and easy to apply
Description from theBalm website:
"weightless, silky smooth tinted moisturizer SPF 18 offers lasting moisture and helps to improve the tone and texture of your skin, leaving you with a polished complexion."

  • very photogenic (just look at the picture below)
  • no fragrance (maybe just a tad of sunscreen smell)
  • has SPF 18
  • not greasy
  • smooth and blends very well
  • did not (yet) break me out
  • not tested on animals
  • did not even skin tone 
  • was not very moisturizing
My 2 cents:
I really enjoy wearing this TM on days I don't want to wear foundation either because I am too lazy or if my face was acting funny (ie dry patches on cheek). It looks very natural and I love the matte finish (no grease pool!) One down side is the lack of coverage (it really is minimal, if any), another thing is that it alone is not moisturizing enough. However, if you don't mind layering this on top of your regular skincare routine plus dab on a little bit of concealer on troubled areas, then this is great! 

Pictures are always so deceiving. I took this picture with flash and it makes my face look pretty even out, except it's not. There is still quite a bit of redness and blemishes showing. So, I would like to apologize for the washed out look. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

MU Challenge: Day 10

Day 10: If you were given 100$ to spend on makeup, what would you spend it on? List products and their prices.

Holika Holika Wonder drawing dot liner in brown = $11.70
Skin79 BB cream Gold label = $15.49
Holika Holika Chic Blusher 02 = $23.98
Illasmasqua Neutral Palette = $42.5
Tonymoly Bunny Gloss bar in Apple = $6.96

I'm 63 cents over! All the prices are off Ebay, except for the Illasmasqua palette... but everything is also in USD, but I'm in Canada... Hmm.. If I have to take something out of this list it would most likely be the Tonymoly... hmm~~

So I did it... though I was late posting this last one -__- way to drop the ball! Anyhoot, this was a fun challenge, because it got me to post something everyday, as well as made me really think and evaluate my MU collection and the brands I choose. As of late, I have been very interested in Asian cosmetics and skincare (as reflected in my imaginary $100 spending list.) One of the drawbacks for these items is that I have to either buy the product online, or pay almost double the price at Asian malls... ugh~ If only they were more easily accessible!

Anways, if anyone is interested in doing this, here's the list:

10 Days - Makeup Challenge
Day 1: One makeup product you use everyday
Day 2: Two makeup products you would not recommend
Day 3: Three makeup products you wish you had
Day 4: Four makeup products you can’t live without
Day 5: Five favorite makeup brushes
Day 6: Six favourite makeup brands
Day 7: One favourite of each: lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush, contour
Day 8: Eight favourite nail colors (and their brands)
Day 9: Your nine step daily makeup routine
Day 10: If you were given 100$ to spend on makeup, what would you spend it on? List products and their prices.

Friday, June 15, 2012

MU Challenge: Day 9

Day 9: Your nine step daily makeup routine
  1. Shiseido Sunscreen
  2. Guerlain LDP 
  3. Concealer - either Benefit Boi-ing or Shiseido concealer
  4. Eyeshadow primer - UDPP or Too Faced shadow Insurance
  5. Brow - Dior or Sasatinnie or Anastasia
  6. Eyeshadow @ random
  7. Eyeliner - Koji Dolly Wink
  8. Mascara - d.j.v. Beautenizer fibrewig mascara
  9. Espie - Lip treatment / Rosette Hello Kitty lip treatment
These are my typical 9 steps, I rarely put on blush or bronzer. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

MU Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: Eight favourite nail colors (and their brands)
  • Essie - Chinchilli - matte grey, kind of like my chinchilla XD
  • Essie - Pink-a-boo - beautiful pink with smaller shimmer/glitter
  • OPI - Turquoise Shatter
  • Lancome - Cocobolo

  • China Glaze - Crushed Candy - this is another teal/turquoise crackle, but matte
  • RGB - Oxblood - this is a dark red that almost look black normally, but is a bloody red under high flash or sun
  • Sally Hansen - Mint Sortbet
  • Nars - Midnight express (Sorry, no picture for this colour!) it is a dark blue that you can only see the colour if the light is right, must wear a base coat underneath because it stains!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MU Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: One favourite of each: lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush, contour
  • Lipstick: Lancome - Rouge in love in Rose Pitimini
  • Lipgloss: Hello Kitty Lip treatment - it smells like sour apple candy rings (nom nom on lips), but doesn't taste as good
  • Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Half baked
  • Mascara: Buxom Lash - my fave when I'm wearing contacts because then it doesn't smudge, otherwise the d.j.v. beautenizer fiberwig is my everyday fave...
  • Eyeliner: Koji Dolly Wink liquid liner (hands down, no rivals!)
  • Blush: MAC blush in Early morning (love the colour since I first set eyes on it and because it is soooo pigmented, it will prolly last me forever)
  • Contour: Clinique - True Bronze pressed powder bronzer in Sunkissed

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FOTD: June 11, 2012

This is how I look on a typical day at work (plus a cardigan because it's way too cold in the office)
I try to keep things simple but it still takes a good 15 minutes to do everything nicely without the heart pounding feeling that I am rushed to get out the door.
Products used in order of application:
  1. Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-free UV Protector SPF 42 PA+++
  2. Guerlain LDP in Beige Claire
  3. Benefit Cosmetics boi-ing in 01  (Actually step 2 is repeated after I apply concealer on so that the colours match better since the concealer is a shade too light for my skintone)
  4. Too Faced shadow insurance 
  5. Dior Powder brow pencil in sand ( I work on my brows while the shadow primer dries/sets)
  6. Shiseido Quad in Q10 Desert Winds
  7. d.j.v. beaytenizer fiberwig mascara (if I remember to curl my lashes, I'd do that before this step)
  8. MAC blush in Early morning (I use an extremely light hand with this because this blush is very pigmented and although it seems washed out in the picture)
duck face picture!

MU Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: Six favourite makeup brands
  • Guerlain - extremely expensive everything, but love the way the products feel on skin, as well as its smell
  • Shiseido - Liked the Whiteluscent skincare line, but also its sunscreen and lipsticks
  • TheBalm - cute packaging and great quality blushes and shadows
  • Too Faced - Very pretty brand, and I adore their eyeshadows
  • Nars - beautiful pigmentation in eyeshadows and blushes, also very sleek packaging
  • Essie - I love how well the nail polish applies on
Always on a hunt for sales and bargains with these brands because at regular prices they are just too expensive.  

Monday, June 11, 2012

MU Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: Five favourite makeup brushes
  • ELF Kabuki Face brush
  • ELF Powder brush
  • Quo liner/brow brush
  • MAC 219SE pencil brush
  • ELF $1 eyeshadow brush

Sunday, June 10, 2012

MU Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: Four makeup products you can’t live without
  • Lipbalm - Espie Vitamin E and Aloe lip treatment
  • Eyeliner - Koji Dolly Wink Liquid eyeliner
  • Blotting paper - any brand is okay, as long as it's cheap and effective
  • Makeup remover - I'm really liking the Juju Cosmetics Cleansing oil for remove face makeup and the Simple eye makeup remover (pictures are found on this post click here

Saturday, June 9, 2012

MU Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Three makeup products you wish you had
  • YSL Touche éclat
  • Sigma brushes
  • Jill Stuart Blush compact in Candy orange - adorable packaging and lovely colours as a blush~~ *sigh*

Friday, June 8, 2012

MU Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: Two makeup products you would not recommend - Is it bad that I'm struggling on day 2? I don't always remember the bad~

Cargo eye pencil - for people who have oily lids, this really takes the black and runs....
ELF Mineral face primer - I was not too fond of the smell of this product, although as a primer it did a decent job keeping the foundation on, it had clogged up my pores... boo!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 Days Makeup Challenge: Day 1

Hello lovelies~

I got bored and tumblr-ed upon this challenge, so I decided to share a little bit about myself in the next 9 days~ :) Enjoy!
10 random gummies... :)
Day 1: One makeup product you use everyday - Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation --> it's lightweight, evens out my skintone and has spf!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May Glossybox 2012 Canada

Suckered into getting yet another beauty monthly subscription~ Glossybox~~

I received this on Friday last week, however I didn't get to put up this post until now due to my D3 addiction~ However, I did get to try out most of these things so I've got a few thoughts to share with you :) Onto the goodies!
Can I say Wow to the packaging? I really like the details, the pink crown logo, the black and pink, and the box! I liked it so much that right after I emptied it, I put it to use by storing some of my other MU stuff... :D
Like other boxes, it had a little description card with this month's product info in it~
First item: Curel Foot Cream (100ml) I was surprised that I really liked this foot cream. It claims to 'improve the look and feel of even the driest heels and feet... hydrates and softens dry, cracked feet in just 2 nights.' I used it for two nights and I saw and felt a difference. My heels feel so nice now, I won't be scared to wear sandals this summer. One tip, put on socks after you apply it, this way will ensure that it doesn't get everywhere and keep the moisturizing to your feet only. Another plus I wanted to mention, this cream smells so nice!
Simple - Eye makeup remover (56ml) When I first saw the bottle I was a little skeptical about this makeup remover because the packaging just didn't appeal to me. But I gave it a try that same night and found it very pleasant and removed my makeup well. This is not the typical two-part makeup remover I'm used to, but it did the job without leaving the oily/greasy feeling around my eyes. All eye makeup was removed except for my mascara since it's the 'warm water removal'  type. 
Simple - Facial Wash gel (50ml) This was a non-scented, gentle face wash that I really enjoyed using in conjunction with my Clarisonic Mia. I would definitely consider purchasing the full size of this face wash in the future.
Sebastian - Professional Volupt Shampoo (Full size at 250ml) I saw SLS in the ingredient list and was a bit iffy at using it. I have not even smelled it yet, but have left it in my cabinet. Hopefully, will get to it in a month... haha...
Pandora's Makeup - Lip Gloss in Ciao (Full Size at 10ml) I am always happy to see a Canadian brand in my beauty box, however, I really didn't need another lip gloss~ This is so far the only product that is different from other May Glossyboxes I've seen. Everyone else got a boxx cream corrector that I wished I had received (always wanting what you don't have -__-) I swatched the colour on the back of my hand, but did not apply it on my lips, I thought it was too dark... maybe if I feel courageous, I would try it on my lips someday!
My first impression of Glossybox? I really liked it. I look forward to trying out different products and the surprises I may get :) A!