Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rosette Hello Kitty Lip Treatment

If I am a sucker for anything it would be any limited edition OR exclusive items... I am not the biggest Hello Kitty fan out there, but when I saw this Japan exclusive Hello Kitty lip treatment, I had to have it! This is probably the first Hello Kitty product I purchased in a long time... and it is awesome! I actually think it is my favourite gloss at the moment because it isn't too sticky but gives a beautiful shine, moisturizes and provides SPF for my lips :)
Here's a little description of it from Sasa website:
"Rosette Hello Kitty SPF10 PA+ Lip Treatment repairs damaged lips with each application. It can soothe and condition your lips, preventing it from suffering from chapping, formation of wrinkles. Your lips look healthy and soft throughout the year, even under the very dry climate in winter!"

  • has SPF 10 (perfect for summer)
  • smells delicious (Sweet Apple)
  • not too sticky
  • makes lip feel softer
  • when over applied, it is too shiny
  • horrible packaging (product spills out easily)
  • could only be purchased online

Lips with Espie Lip Treatment
Lips with Rosette lip treatment

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