Thursday, January 17, 2013

rant: Don't you just hate...

limited edition products?

I don't like reading up on new products only to find out at the end that they are limited edition... The last time I got suckered into buying something limited edition, I still have not used it yet which are the lipsticks and eyeshadow trio from the Paul and Joe 2012 Spring Creation collection (post here) sigh~! And this past weekend because of the Dior's Cherie Bow Spring 2013 collection and some SDM bonuses I  gave in and bought these...
Dior Addict 437 Charmant (LE) and DiorSkin Shimmer powder 001 Rose Diamond (permanent collection, though there were rumors last year that it might be discontinued... clearly, some marketing tactic...)
haul with the freebies
I'm determined not to repeat the mistake I made last year and started using the lipstick this weekend :) Here's some swatches~
left is without lipstick, right is with 437 Charmant
This is a sheer coral, but for some reason looks a lot more girly pink in picture. This lipstick is moisturizing and I like the fact that it gives my lips just a hint more colour.
pretending to be cute~ at this angle my eyes look kinda big...
The purchase with tax was $85.88. I received a 10$ gift card for Tim Hortons and 10$ from Shoppers which deducted the total to $65.88 putting me $2.17 over my MU budget this month :( boooo... I start February with a $97.83 budget~

On a brighter note, I got me some awesome girlfriend. She cheered me up with this love package XD
I really enjoy Bath and Body Works body lotion in Berry Vanilla, however, it is now discontinued, so I was literally quite surprised that she found it for me as well as the Katy Perry Sweetie Pie lashes which I also had rotten luck looking for... I am very lucky to have a great friend in Moose :) 
and... to further distract my reader (you) from the fact that I overspent this month... here's a picture of Aries that I took over the weekend :)
Thanks for reading and have an meowwww day :)


  1. Dior will put the lipstick into their permanent collection normally :D just not the LE palette :D


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