Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ipsy January 2013

I received two monthly beauty boxes yesterday one is Topbox and the other one is Ipsy :) This is my first bag, and I have to say I am quite impressed. Here's what I got!
I received a nude colour (Frappe)... not sure if I'd wear it.. but it looks pretty :)
merp~ hair stuff~~ merp~~ 
kakaka!!~ A product I wanted to try but didn't want to spend the money to  find out... so instead, it came as a surprise in my Ipsy bag :)
I enjoy the scent of this fruity-scented lotion! Haven't actually used it yet since I still have so many other samples to use. This is a very generous travel size :)
I'm glad to get a concealer brush :D One can never have too many brushes`~
I really liked the little detail on the bag, I love the stars on the inside and liked it so much that I immediately changed makeup bags after taking these pictures :)
tacky saying... but cute, I'm hanging this card on my curtain~
Derp~ pictures up now... content later? :)

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