Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dry lipsticks might mean allergies...

I have always been healthy growing up, however in recent years I've gotten sick more often and I've had bad skin issues and even allergies... I just want to throw in a caution to everyone about lipbalms. I've always loved them however, since last December I've had really really dry lips as shown in the pictures below:
So sorry for the disturbing pictures...
I've used EOS lipbalm for over a year when the condition above started developing. At first there was just dryness around the mouth area then progressively getting more and more dry and finally painful and itchy skin. I had a permanent red ring around my lips that was worst than the pictures... I suspect that I may be allergic to beeswax and so I checked the ingredients on my lip products religiously. The occasional time I am seduced by a lip product that contains it, I always regret... in any case, I just wanted to put this out there because I've noticed that some people have had bad reactions to EOS lipbalms and this could be a reason why.

One other thing I want to warn people: DO NOT over-apply your lipbalms, it can make things worst. I find that when I overdid it, even if the product does not contain beeswax, it can upset my lips and cause peeling or dryness. The skin on your lips should be allow to breath once in a while.

Currently, a few lipbalms my lips are happy with are: Vaseline lip therapy, Laura Mercier Lip Silk and First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy.

There are also quite a few lipsticks and lip glosses that I can use, as shown in some of my lippies post. Let me know if you are interested in the list of products that I'm okay with.

Note:  I don't actually have any problems with beeswax in any other beauty products except for blushes... The human body works in such mysterious ways...


  1. I've had dry lips for a long time too! Though I've had dry lips before I first bought EOS lip balms. I think it's been 2 yrs and I still can't get rid of it =(

    1. The first lipbalm I used that worked quite well was by a brand called Espie, my friend got me lots of backup, would you like to try one? :)


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