Monday, January 21, 2013

Makeup Collection + Storage Update 2013

After watching countless Youtube videos on Makeup storage over the weekend I was inspired to clean up my own, take pictures and post it on my blog. No one requested, I just wanted to share this, hopefully you'd get some joy out of it or get some ideas on how to store your own MU collection. There is a lot of pictures, so if you aren't into pictures then you can skip this post. Otherwise, enjoy~ :)
Basic setup, I also use the drawers attached to this computer desk that isn't in the picture.
Box 1: Eyeshadows galore! Here you'd find my Rock and Republic singles, MAC shadows, Nars duo, Unii palettes with some Stila singles, Bare Minerals and a gazillion palettes...
Box 2: Eyeshadow saga continues plus falsies and eyeliners... This box contains cream shadows, Lancome and various singles, old Urban Decay single shadows and discontinued UD cream shadows and a tray of MUFE eye liners, and finally, more eyeshadow palettes... The clear tray was from One's Better Living.
 Box 3: Lippies and face colour: Glosses, high end lipstick, lip balms, blushes, bronzers and highlighters...
 Box 4: Face: Makeup samples, skincare samples, concealers and gel eye liners, foundations, face powders and sunscreen. As you can see in all 4 boxes I have parts of a Glossybox in them, these are such awesome sized box that is durable and pretty.
On top of the drawers I have a bunch of cute stuff... but in the back there is a tray (One's Better Living) that holds a few important MU stuff such as brush cleanser, hand creams (one can never have too many), foot cream and some setting spray.
I placed this anti-slip thingy that I purchased (a roll) from the dollar store to keep things from shifting (I also placed them in some of the drawers.) I reused some Ferrero Rocher boxes in various size to hold my makeup. I use a big one on top to hold makeup that I use on a daily basis, it is seperated with different reused container, ie. I use an old maple syrup candy tin to hold my eyebrow pencils and mascaras, two clear plastic cover that I use to hold my liquid eyeliner and lip liners. Underneath this I have a smaller Ferrero Rocher box that holds eye liner pencils that I use very infrequently. I so surprised no one use these contains since the chocolate is delish and the clear container are quite sturdy, win-win! I recently dug out my iCat speaker from years ago as well as my nano and placed it there so that I can listen to music when I am doing makeup...
On the side I have a mirror from Costco, as well as a hand sanitizer. It never used to be there until I noticed that every other person had them. I usually just go wash my hands but I guess this way I won't have to get up? Moving along, there is another reused container that I got from Wal-Mart, this use to hold some kind of float bath stuff that I used up, and now I put my sponges and q-tips. In very front is my mini Purin container that I had since high school, now it holds medicines and mint.
My brushes are stored inside a drawer, I put them in plastic contains from the dollar store and put mini origami stars that I made in them to hold the brushes in place. The other containers are mini vases from Wal Mart, as well as MAC liner containers. I also reused Ferrero Rocher box lid plus towels to hold my brushes when they are drying. I also put some bigger ELF palettes here as well as some of my daily vitamin pills...
This is a misc drawer... I have a tin container from Tokidoki that contained palettes that I took out and now it stores various samples. A dollar store clear container that holds hair stuff ie. hair clips, elastics and the Velcro hair thingies. I re-purposed a box that contained small perfume collectibles to hold various samples. The two MAC tins hold mini 1 oz perfume samples as well as something I can't quite remember now...
Lastly... these are underneath my desk... I have a dollar store garbage can I put my empties in, a tall clear container with products I bought for other people and a big green bin that was only $2.50 from Staples full of misc makeup stuff. (cough, hoarder, cough)
Are you exhausted yet? I know I am... This was entertaining, but I would not want to do this again unless I have made huge changes. I like this set up so far, but we will see how well it works. Anyways, have a great day and thank you so much for reading this far :) Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions or comments.


  1. oh wow, everything's so neat and tidy.

    1. XD I try to keep things neat so that I can find things more easily. Plus I'm a firm believe of 'out of sight out of mind', this way I make sure I see and I remember to use~ :)

  2. I LOVE collection posts/videos. Thanks for sharing -- I'm so impressed with your collection of Rock and Republic shadows!

    1. Thanks XD I was SO SAD to see R&R go! Their products are so lovely~~ You should do a post like this or vid ;)


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