Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year Resolution 2013

It's unrealistic, but I'm going to try out this new year resolution thing again.

Last year, I tried to limit my makeup spending budget to $500 for the entire year, it was clearly way too unrealistic for a makeup addict. So here I am again, trying to limit myself and set a more realistic makeup budget for 2013. Every month I will limit myself to spending only $100. If I don't use up the quota, the left over amount will carry forward to the following month. So if there is something BIG I want to get, I'd have to save. Let's see how long I can keep this up. Some rules/exceptions different from last year...

1. All skincare purchases are included except for when I am replenishing depleted supplies.
2. Monthly subscriptions are included in my makeup budget.
3.Warehouse sales are not included in the monthly budget but are capped at $100, any excess amount is deducted off the month limit.
4. Taxes is included in the total, and so is S&H.

No cheating this time. Really gotta save up for that condo mortgage next month :| Will try to report by the end of each month what my makeup spending is... *fingers crossed*

So far, my spending in January is:

Ipsy $15.29
Glossybox $21.00

Left to spend: $63.71

With the makeup resolution out of the way, here's the remainder of my new year resolution
  • Finish a book each month
  • Get a good grade on my course
  • Take more pictures
  • Learn to cook a Chinese dish from scratch
Ending off post with a picture of Cali~ :) Happy 2013~~
What are your resolutions? Are you good at keeping them?


Update: This MU resolution thing just isn't working. No point in trying... I see sale, and I make purchase~ BAH~~ Maybe I should learn self control first~ BLAH~ 01.02.13


  1. Mish, I think I spend about $200 a year on make-up!! LOL. You must teach me the ways of the beautiful... ;)

    Hope you are doing well, lovely!! KItty is too stinkin' cute!

    1. I've got issues :| I really shouldn't be reading beauty blogs and watching YT vids... it's so bad for my wallet!


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