Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Glossybox 2013 Canada

One word came to mind when I opened this month's box. Underwhelming. Let me show you pictures first.
January box~
It's as small as my pinky! I'm worried that after swatching I won't have any products left to use XD
Look! I found the Curel's twin that I received in November Glossybox!
Wella Professionals Brilliance Leave-in Mousse: 190g full-size @ $17.99
Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme: hard to tell how much product is in this so I'd guestimate around 0.01oz which is a value of $1.40
Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion: this is a deluxe sample size of 25g, which values it at $1.91
Nivea Essential Lip Care: full size at $2
Glossybox Best In Moisture: that is the description given for the Curel hand cream found inside my box. Description on product card says "It's almost our birthday and to start the celebration we want to share the gift of soft, pampered skin and lips! For January, we've picked out our favourite, most moisturizing products from our first year of Glossybox!"~ value: $3.99
Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizing Wipes: 12 wipes cost $3.13
Overall value $30.42 plus tax, I guess that's still a gain? :)
(please don't take these values seriously, I'm just procrastinating BIG time from studying but thought this would be fun, I have no idea if these numbers are right~~ haha)

My thoughts:
I've always been happy with my Glossyboxes even though we've only received products from drugstore brands, at the very least I felt I was always trying something new. But starting off the year with similar products from 2012 is less than impressive. Seeing Wella, Curel, Beauty So Clean in my box left me disappointed, but the slap in the face has to be the tiny Too Faced lip injection sample they included in this month's box. It's almost like they listened, but not very well... I had cancelled my subscription mid January but had considered resubscribing so that I can get the Anniversary box, however this left such a nasty after-taste I am no longer sure... What do you think? Would it be worth the 19$?

I decided to end off the post with this picture... a box full of hand cream and body lotions I received from mostly my beauty subscriptions... Please excuse my sarcasm in this post... but blogging should be an outlet :)


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    1. exactly my sentiments... I wonder though, if it's those companies that don't want to invest in the Canadian market :|

    2. I didnt even get the Curel cream which is fine, I have enough lotions. This is my first and last box.


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