Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's in my makeup bag?

Here's a quick update of the things in my makeup bag!

current MU bag from Melissa!! I <3 hot pink
all my essentials...
Band-Aid: I really need them around for the 'x' amount of cuts I get regularly (or the frequent nail flips)
Moist towelettes: These are handy to have around in case you need eat chicken wings!
ELF blotting sheets: oily face + oil sheets = happy face!
Nail filer +  tweezers: handy to have
Mirror: vanity, allows for constant admiration of 'thyself'
Shiseido Pureness matifying stick: smells and feels like deodorant for the face... but it helps matify the face
Benefit Pocketpal: lovely lip/cheek tint that give you that natural looking pink lips
Maybelline Mineral power concealer (in Sand): for touch up
Dior Diorshow brow styler (in universal brown): for days I forget to do my brows
Maybelline line Stiletto: for days I didn't have time to line my eyes...
Vasanti Conquer 3in1 stick: I love using this lipbalm almost as much as I love the EOS lipbalms, this however has the extra bonus of being a lip colour remover at the end of the day =)
ELF eye makeup remover pads: in case of smudges or other emergencies! 
Shiseido Sun Protection Foundation stick: I love how this is portable SPF foundation that can be applied without a brush. Fits in the MU bag perfectly.
Clinique moisture surge: This is perfect in quenching the thirst of a drying face (I don't really need this, but I rather have it than not...)
Origins Sensory Therapy for Peace of Mind: when I need to relax.... like NOW!
La Roche-Posay Active C eyes: it has anti-wrinkle properties, but I use it mainly if I need to remove eye makeup or if I notice drying areas in the outer corner of my eyes

Some other beauty things in my purse..
In my purse I also have my MAC blot powder, Crown Brush kabuki and my EOS lemon drop lipbalm. These are three other essentials that does not fit in my MU bag =(

I know that I carry a lot of things, but because I'm a last minute girl and don't pace my time in the morning I end up having to work on my face throughout the day...It also doesn't help that I have a bad memory... So, as I have always told myself, 'it's better to bring everything and not have to use it, than not have what you are looking for when you need it.'

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