Thursday, August 18, 2011

Purple lips with MUFE 12 Flash color case

I got the MUFE 12 Flash Color Case after seeing it on one of Michelle Phan's YT video and decided that I need it... yet... almost 2 months went by and I didn't have the heart to use it, until now!

Let me start by explaining why I finally decided to use it... I'm going to FanExpo this year and I plan to dress up as Psylocke from the X-men... Last week I dyed my hair purple... This week I need to find the right costume(which I'm doing today), the right makeup (trying that throughout the week) and... the right blade... (doubtful of finding.) It was a last minute decision to dress up as Psylocke, since I previously wanted to do Alice from the game Alice: Madness Returns.

Anyways this is the look I am trying to achieve:

Psylocke by Alex Garner.
Check out the full size picture @

As far as makeup, I think I have everything I need... well, except for the lip colour... I am left with the choice of going out and buying a lipstick I will only use once, or... make it myself with the makeup I already own... guess which won? ;) Here's the colour that I made with MUFE Fuchsia 005 and Turquoise 000 topped with a blue lipgloss from Sephora...

All three pictures are of the SAME colour, but with different lighting... the 2nd picture probably reflects the true colour, now... I just need more depth... Any tips on how to create that beautiful gradient from the image?

Ohh~! and here's my purple hair!

I'm thinking I need it to be brighter because the colour only comes out in daylight and is not obvious enough... it is also turning more reddish...

Updated August 25, 2011

I'm bad...

I end up buying a dark purple lipstick and because I couldn't find a purple lip liner... I found a plum cream eyeliner that matched....

Here's my mini 'lip' haul from Sephora...

I got MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in Shade 14 (pearly dark violet), and Clinique cream shaper for eyes in 106 Starry Plum... Here's a picture of me with this lip combination... I know I'm not following exactly the look from the picture... but I want to make this my 'Psylocke' look :)

A touch of goth eh? wait till you see my costume!


Update: August 26, 2011

So... the mask didn't really workout as planned... and this is what I might be doing at Fan X to ensure people know I'm Psylocke :) Here's some attempts...

 Wow!! I was able to layout the images like a butterfly! Anyways, here's the reason why the butterfly... "When Psylocke uses her telepathic powers, a butterfly-shaped energy aura would appear around her face" - extracted from Wikipedia.I haven't yet decided which pattern I will do, but I prefer the first one, the other ones look a bit like... a female Kiss band guitarist?? hmm... I tried out a bit of the makeup for my look.. but I didn't conceal my blemishes... must remember that for tomorrow!


  1. If you want to create a gradient, you need to make the general lipcolor darker, and use a lighter, slightly shimmery shade on the center of your lips. I can create a tutorial on my blog if youd like.

  2. Yes please!!! I'm not good with lipsticks at all~ but this weekend I did go out and bought the MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in 14!! :D



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