Thursday, August 25, 2011

Haul from Shopper's

I knew that going into Shopper's Drugmart to drop off a parcel would be dangerous... Here's are some goodies I picked up after an hour in there... It started with the Rimmel Vinyl Lip gloss that was on sale for $3.99... then... yah...

Shopper's currently have a promo for Smashbox. Buy 1 item and you get the 2nd same item free (it could be different colours.) So I picked up two cream eyeliner, one in Lava and the other in Image... I am dying to try out Image!! It is a beautiful olive colour with slightly metallic look. As for Lava,  I'm wearing it by itself today as well as wear it with a reddish orange eyeshadow last night. Lava is a good colour for everyday/work, it is subtle, yet it's presence is obvious. Love the creamy texture and it seems to stay put after it dries (which takes about 60 seconds according to the instructions...) Regardless it's been on my lids for 3+ hours and has not yet budged from my oily lids. Bravo cream liner!!

and finally... I fell in LUST for this palette... actually... it was just the blue on the left, but since it only comes in the duo I had to get the palette...

Lise Watier in Bleu Océan. I'm am really itching to try out the colour! okies... that's it for today, thanks for reading :)


  1. nice post :) i like the smashbox image. i might just pick it up after reading your post. :)

  2. I have the same Lise Watier duo! I haven't tried it yet.


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