Thursday, November 21, 2013

Haul from Shiseido/Nars Fall Warehouse Sale 2013

In dire need of damage control~ I went into this sale without a 'to-get' list and it turned out much more detrimental for the health of my wallet. 
As you can see from the picture, I picked up more than enough Shiseido products as well as some Nars and Joico. My hauling didn't end there since I've also picked up some Clé de Peau products... But being the smrty pants that I am, this was the only picture I took of the CdP products...
At least I know the prices... I was surprised to that the Palette de Voyage actually retailed at $180USD at Neiman Marcus when it was launched... Even though this is part of last year's holiday collection, I thought the deal was too amazing to pass.

I've been to different warehouse sales and I find that one great thing about the Shiseido / Nars sale, is that the price for products is almost the same every year. Off the top of my head I only remember that lippies go for $10, single shadows for $8 and quads for $10. Shiseido cotton pads are $8, Shiseido skincare ranges from 30ish unless it's the more expensive line, those you pick up while waiting in line to pay.

Overall, the sale had been amazing, but the lineups (to get in and to pay) had gotten a lot more crazy, including the rest of the shoppers. I was talking to the CdP rep about a product, she went to grab it and by the time she returned I was shuffled all the way to the end of the line... I had to yell to get her attention and give the okay. *sigh* Makeup drives a woman out of her mind! Next year, I will learn to ground myself better. :)


  1. looks like you've done some crazy damage to your wallet. =\

    1. Michelle, you are correct~ I need to ban myself from these sales from now on~~ I'm resisting Lisa's warehouse sale at the moment~~ XD


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