Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sephora VIB birthday gift 2013

I picked up a week before my birthday the Sephora's VIB birthday gift, which consist of two Benefit Cosmetic products: 
  • They're Real! mascara - Benefit's 'breakthrough bestseller' 
  • Watt's Up - a champagne coloured highlighter with a cream to powder finish that is suppose to give you that extra 'wow' factor
Like previous year's Fresh Sugar minis, this year's gift came in a pretty box with brief descriptions about each product.
Mini rant: I'm not extremely crazy about getting samples of mascara because I'm very overstocked of them. Also, this has to be my third sample of They're Real! mascara that I've accumulated in my stash... I know this seems to be a very coveted items, but do they have to include it in every sample box? /endrant

With all the ranting, I have to say that I am quite excited about the Watt's Up since it is small, portable and well cute. I was almost going to use it this morning, but I realized I haven't taken a picture of it before I use it... so yeah... I'll get there ^_^


  1. I got one of these back in march! I should probably use it ASAP. This is going to be my third They're Real! mascara by Benefit - it's my favourite!

    1. XD It's nice to get things that are fave~~ If you haven't opened the products, they should last a while, just remember to not forget about them~ haha...

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