Friday, February 3, 2012


Help me decide if I should stick to my budget... As in is it realistic for me to do or would I likely lose my mind?

A brief history of my MU spending:

  • In 2011, I regularly spend about $150 a month on MU
  • If there were warehouse sales, I do about $300 damage at each sale... (ie. MAC, Shiseido, Lisa Cosmetic)
  • I think I spend more than $2k last year...
  • I was on a 5 day no makeup bet with a friend last month... and when I was done I end up splurging on MU after... 
  • I've already spent almost 27% of my budget this year and only 1 month has passed -__-

Would mean a lot to me if you help me with the poll <--



  1. I have the exact same problem as you--I spend way more than you do :( The one step I've taken is pay off all my credit card bill, and cut it up. It was the most difficult but satisfying thing I've done. I don't have the burden of thinking about next month's bill because it's completely paid off.

    You're not the only one :) Good luck!

    1. Makeup shopping has been my 'therapy' during my darker days... now it's just an addiction~ Good for you on being able to cut it off! :)

  2. $150 a month!!??!! Girlie, I wish I had your cash flow, lol. I consider you very, very lucky... ;)

    My vote is... if you have additional cash, put it towards other things that last longer than makeup. I voted on your sidebar.

    Hope you are having a great weekend!! See you soon at Blue Mountain.


    1. Thanks for voting hun! :) I have been behaving the past 2 times I was at the mall XD So... thats good right? I'm so looking forward to Blue this weekend! XD Suit up!



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  4. Thats alot of money being sent on makeup wowo..

    1. I know it's a lot... that's why I'm setting a budget~

  5. aren't you buying at a faster rate than you can make use of them??


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