Friday, January 27, 2012

Loose Button Luxe Box: January 2012

My Luxebox just arrived today and I am so surprised and happy because

*drum roll* 

There were two boxes! ^_^ Happy 2012 indeed~ Here goes!
combined goodies
they came in 2 boxes with the Bath and Body box in white!
Luxebox January 2012
Luxebox special Bath and Body edition
two cards~ there was too much empty space so I decided to place the little note on the price card...
Bonus: Seattle's Best Coffee... Don't they know that Canadian's only drink Tim Hortons?? JK ^_^
NYX eyeshadow in Toffee Shimmer (a gorgeous silvery white) Full size = $5
Chi Silk Fusion
Yves Rocher Rouge Dragée Lipstick in Frambroise Sorbet. Full size = $5
Mini Chloé collectible (sooo happy for another one! XD)
I got more than my subscriptions worth this month and I actually like the things I got. This is definately an A for me! It would have had a plus if I wasn't so sad (at the time) about the "Reserve your product" thing. I saw the email 1 hour after it was received and the two things I wanted were already all out... I'm also a very tiny bit disappointed about something else, the trend of no candies this year :( On a brighter note, I cannot wait to try these things out! Look forward to my updates (if I am not too lazy!) 

What did you get this month?! Share your link/review with me ;)

Update [30/01/12]:

Due to being a lazy person, I won't be creating a separate post for the newly acquired NYX eye shadow in Toffee Shimmer, so I decided to tag this along this post. 
NYX e/s in Toffee Shimmer
Alright. I did some swatches this weekend of my new e/s and I just thought I'd share with everyone. The first swatch is actually of NYX Jumbo eye pencil in cottage cheese, 2nd swatch is of toffee shimmer on the jumbo pencil and the last is toffee shimmer by itself.

with flash
no flash
The color of this eyeshadow is very pretty and shows up on it's own (without primer or base). The texture of the shadow is too soft (I ruined one of the pyramids on first use) and there is also a lot of fallout (my face was completely covered in shimmer.) I'm not sure if I'd purchase a NYX e/s if they are all like this since the glitter took a lot of effort to get off my face. 


  1. Theres a new box out called Glossybox

    This box looks ok though I have seen some with Benifit makeup in them.

  2. to OneCraftyFox: Yeps! got lots to play with, except the lipstick.. can't try that out for a bit :(

    to marsbar35: I wanted to try out the Benefit e/s but I didn't sign up quick enough to get it... I'm still sad about that~ Glossybox are even more expensive than Luxebox, are they any good?

  3. It's almost the same price, because it's 15$ tax include

  4. Hi I just posted my Marcelle BB cream review as requested :)

  5. Thanks for posting! I saw it before I saw your comment ;)

    Also I will take a look at Glossybox :)


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