Thursday, February 23, 2012

Glymm box: February 2012

Interestingly enough, this month Glymm box arrived one day after my Luxe box~ :)

I got 4 products this month, 1 full size eyeshadow, 1 full size lip balm and 2 samples (1 of which I would say is not deluxe...)
My box was so light this month, I thought maybe they forgot to put things in there, once again, no candy 

It feels like I got my money's worth this month, since the two full-sized products add up to almost $16. Unfortunately, due to my recently acquired allergy to beeswax(maybe?!?!), I cannot use the Burt's Bee lip balm.
Very cute packing, just wish I could use it T^T
This is the second Sula product I received and I'm happy it's a shadow with a  pretty shade :)
I find myself curious about this mud mask, I've never tried them before, I just hope it won't irritate my skin!
Blot/bronzing paper? hmm... interesting, but really? in a packet like that and it's a deluxe sample? I guess it does cost $0.24 per sheet plus the plastic bag and the little intro card -__-
Overall it is an interesting box this month with more cosmetics than previous boxes :)

Recap, in my Feb Glymm box I received the following: 
  • full size Sula Natural shadow in Smokes and Mirror (0.15 oz)
  • full size Burt's Bees Tinted Lip balm in Hibiscus (4.25g)
  • deluxe sample of Glamglow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask (0.24 oz)
  • a couple sheets of Mai Couture 2-1 Oil Blotting/Bronzing Papier
This month's box is another B because I do like the fact that they are including more makeup but most of the products were really 'meh.' Unfortunately, I have cancelled this box and next month's box will be my last...

How do you feel about your Glymm box this month? 


  1. beeswax allergy! oh no! :( I think most lip balms have beeswax in them :(

    1. Yea... I found out the hard way... I was going to post up a blog about my lip reaction to beeswax, but it's kinda gross... beeswax is in a lot of lipstick too (ie MAC)... I'm currently stuck using Vaseline lip therapy and lip stains... which isn't so bad :)


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