Friday, February 24, 2012

Beeswax allergy = no makeup

I'm freaking out... I 'suspect' that I am allergic to beeswax since my lips had been acting up when I use lip products that has cera alba (beeswax) in it... but upon more research... almost all makeup I own has beeswax in it.. ie lipsticks and lipbalms, mascaras, blushes and others... (I'm still researching...)


I'm going to get a paper bag and put it over my face so I don't have to see myself with redness all over.... (JK)

Need to book an appointment with an allergist...


  1. Oh no :(! That's awful, especially since (like you said) a lot of beauty products contain some trace of beeswax in them. Hope you get this sorted out soon! xx

    1. Thanks hun :) It takes a few months to get an appointment with and allergist and one of my friends who had the test done recently had a very bad reaction... So scared~


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