Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tony Moly Prestige Crystal Lipstick Pink Sorbet

I purchased two lippies from the Tony Moly store in Pmall, one of which was the Prestige Crystal Lipstick in 02 Pink Sorbet. It is a lovely girly pink colour that I found surprisingly wearable. The formula is not drying, but not overly moisturizing. This lipstick applies smoothly and feels lightweight but is pigmented. The SPF on it made it perfect for summer, unfortunately I didn't discover this lovely product until the end of summer. T^T
My first thought when I saw the packaging was that it reminded me of the shu uemura lipsticks. I find these clear tube adorable, you can see the exact amount of product you have and the colour it is if you have multiple colours of these. I like that when you close the cap it give you that satisfying click to let you know it's closed properly. My only gripe with its packaging is its size, it's a tad too chunky for my preference.
The colour swatches nicely on the back of my hand, here I have the swatch in two different light.
With flash
Natural light
And also, pink sorbet on my lips~ :)
With flash
Natural light
Overall Rating **** / 5 (1 = worst 5 = best) It's a great product for the price, I'd definitely want to check out the other colours in this line. I love that it did not contain beeswax and had the ingredients listed in English on the box.

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