Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Randomness - HG products??

As I've stated previously, when it comes to makeup, I am one of those people with no brand loyalty. Reasoning behind this is because I feel that it is hard to name just one brand to be HG because I could always find something from a different brand that works better. So instead, I put together a list of product type and my current HG brand(s) specific to that product type. Read on if you're interested :)

Blush (powder): Illamasqua: their powder blushes are super pigmented and long lasting~ I feel they are well worth the money!
Brush: Real Technique // Sigma: love the brushes from these brands because they are of amazing quality and the price is decent~
Concealer: MAC (recently rediscovered the MAC prolongwear concealer and it's quite amazing)
Eyebrow: shu uemura, love the hard 9 formula! Although, it has a very limited colour range~
Eyeliner: still looking, the battle is currently between Koji's liquid eyeliner and shu uemura's gel eyeliner in pen form~~
Eyeshadow: Maybelline // Urban Decay (I'm thinking about specific palettes here)
Finishing powder: Hourglass, check out their Ambient lighting powder, please!
Foundation: Guerlain // Bourjois
Highlighter: The Balm
Lipgloss: Buxom // Tony Moly
Lipstick: Too Faced // Chanel
Lip Treatment: Vaseline // Laura Mercier
Makeup remover: Juju Cosmetics // shu uemura
Mascara: N/A, I'm still looking for the one...
Nail polish: Essie
Perfume: Jo Malone - HG because it makes customization so easy, and they have a wide range of scent to choose from~
Skin care: Simple // H2O
Tinted Moisturizer: The Balm Cosmetics

I am literally all over the place! It seems I got a lot of different brands covered and of course, I am constantly discovering new brands and products to add to my list. I would be happy if you share with me some of your HG brands and products , so that I may look them up and try for myself. Thanks for reading, and have a lovely evening!


  1. I have very rough dry skin, peeling off.. it's hard to put make up on when your skin is not smooth to help bring the result.

    1. :( When your skin is acting up, you shouldn't wear so much makeup. Just focus on treating the problem, the makeup can come after. With that being said, do you make sure that you moisturize as well as prime your face? I find that it helps when I have extremely dry patches near my nose area and chin.


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