Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a Halloween party on Saturday, so just wanted to share some pictures with you :) We were suppose to have a zombie movie marathon... that didn't really happen. We watched 28 weeks later, 28 days later, Zombieland, Resident Evil (the 4th one?!?!) and Megamind... :) it was close enough~
we had lots and lots of food!
pumpkin carving, the boys went nuts with it, two had their firsts ;)
and of course, this mini post wouldn't be complete without my costume :)
I'm suppose to be American McGee's Alice from the game Alice Madness Returns... I know my hair is too long, but I also have excessively thick hair that wouldn't stay put under a wig :|
here's some more ppl in costume... except Rose.. I dunno what she was suppose to be :P Uni student? jk~ :)
~~ Happy Halloween! ~~

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