Thursday, October 4, 2012

BB cream checklist

I find it helpful to make a list of what is important to have or not have when shopping for products. Here's a list I compiled for BB cream.
  • Anti-aging - even though I'm in my late twenties, I think prevention is the best way to treat any problem
  • Colour - Some BB cream have a grey cast, while others are more pink or yellow
  • Cost - Sometime justified with the quality of products, sometimes not.
  • Coverage - I find that not all North American BB cream have the same coverage, some are more like tinted moisturizers and others almost like Asian BB cream
  • Cruelty-free - I haven't really started using cruelty-free products, but I am considering it
  • Glitter/Shimmer - Don't like it and some Asian BB cream have it, so avoiding it~
  • Moisturizing - Added benefit, so that I can skip a step in the morning
  • Non-comedogenic - for someone who is acne-prone, this is nice to have, even though it doesn't decrease your acne, it won't add to it!
  • Oil Control - I've got an oily T zone, so I find this important to have
  • Oil-free - my skin tend to react better to oil-free products
  • Scent - I prefer fragrance free products since I get sensory overload easily
  • SPF - love it for day time, you need UV protection all year round, not just for summer
  • Whitening features - This is an Asian thing, where we always want to be more 'fair,' a nice bonus to have but not a necessity.
What are your criteria when buying a product?

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