Thursday, October 4, 2012

Brand loyalty?

When I first started taking better care of my skin I stuck to the same brand for everything... Moisturizer, face wash, toner, eye cream and all make up (I only had eyeshadows and a gloss). Now, I look at my collection and realized not only do I no longer use any products from that brand(other than the bronzer), but I use products from multiple brands. When did I become so unfaithful?

I suppose, I can blame the internet. For me, if I had not been so into reading blogs and watching youtube videos, I might still be using the same products I've used before. I am a creature of habit and staying in my comfort zone is just me.

But the power of technology has opened the door to this world without limit... I can't go back. That is where the problem lay, because I am constantly in a search for something better.

Currently, for skincare I use at least 6 different brands and for makeup many multiple brands because of my affair with eyeshadows and lip products...

What about you? Are you loyal to only select brands or are you like me having commitment issues?.


Started this post in May and posting it now, since prompted from MUT


  1. Total commitment issues - since starting my blog I am constantly on the lookout for different products and love trying new things!

    1. Sometimes... we don't even have to be on a lookout. New products are everywhere we go!


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