Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Glossybox 2012 Canada

So surprised to have actually gotten my box before the month ended! I wasn't expecting to receive this until next week since I had only received the shipping info on the 30th~ In any case, I was quite happy to receive it. Let's see what's in my box this month.
all the goodies in the box
once again some info pamphlets, also the Glossybox card, this time it's in both English and French
Before opening the box, I already suspected a sample of shampoo and conditioner... I was right :)  I received  two 50ml bottles, one Sebastian Trilliance shampoo and the other Sebastian Trilliance conditioner.
I was glad to see this lip product in my box, however, there was no ingredient listing on  the tube and I couldn't find the name of the colour I received (too blind?!?! I suspect it's Dusk and Striptease) In any case, I'd have to do more research on this brand before I can try out this product. Are you familiar with Model Co.? Let me know what you think about it!
Update: I emailed Model Co. regarding their ingredients and they were so quick to respond! There is no beeswax in their lipstick! Unfortunately, when I tried on the lipstick, I'm not so crazy about Dusk. I do like the lipgloss since it smells awesome (like strawberry candy) and is not sticky. Lovely sheer finish. Will update with pictures.
left swatch is Striptease and right is 
picture with no flash... but with mirror light (does that make sense??)
with flash, the colour is actually not as peach as the picture
Looking forward to use this cream! This is suppose to be a day, night and eye contour cream for combination to oily skin! Seems like the perfect fit :) So carrying this in my MU bag~ This retails at a whooping $93.50 for 50ml and is available in some drugstores (such as SDM or Rexall.) I got curious so I had to look it up :)
Another razor. Kind of unnecessary for the winter, but still nice to have.
Zoya nail polish, in Rory. I don't know if I would wear this bright pink, especially now that October is over...
Outta the box!
:) Even though some items are duplicates, I'm still quite happy with my Glossybox this month... I will see the next box before deciding whether or not to keep it. I feel that the Glossybox UK and US are way better~ We will see. Glossybox rating for October: B.

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