Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Asian Makeup~~

I went to Pacific mall on CNY weekend... Crazy right? Surprisingly, there were not too many people actually shopping (although finding a parking spot was nearly impossible...) I was there shopping with Auntie looking at random things, when I bumped into the following items that were hard to resist! (BTW this is my first time trying Asian makeup, so hopefully it works out!)

There was a nice little boutique opened by a Korean lady at Pmall D#38, that sold many Korean products! I fell in love with some Missha blushes and ended up purchasing two of them. I got M shimmer blending ball blusher in No. 2 Peach Glow, and M show powder blusher in Heidi. Both blushes smells like baby powder, which is not all that unpleasant. Peach Glow gives a very natural glow look that is subtle and beautiful, whereas Heidi gives a more youthful/playful look. Both blushes have fine glitter particles, however the ones in Heidi is more obvious. I haven't tried on either one except for at the store so I'm not sure their lasting power, however I found that they were decently pigmented on clear white skin but did not show as well on my hands. Will take pictures of them once I wear them out ^^

At Debbie's I had also picked up these cute peaches (one lipbalm and one body lotion.) They smell so delicious that I just want to take a bite out of my hand... ugh... not very pleasant imagery... haha... but seriously, they smell and look like they are edible! Moisturizing factor? who cares! They will make excellent ornament when I'm done! (ha!)
I also finally cave into these!
Yeps, its a piece of velcro that you are suppose to put it on your hair and keep your hair from falling into your face and interfering with your makeup/skincare routine... Unfortunately, I have very hard, thick hair and this does not seem to work very well on me :( Should have stuck to my self made velcro piece!

Last thing I got (but not from Debbie's) was an eyeliner by Koji. The CSR told me that it's one of the best waterproof/sweatproof eyeliner. I have high hope for this one, let's hope it lives up to expectation! I'll put swatches up as I use these new goodies :)
update ** swatches of eyeliner
As you can see, this eyeliner is capable of both thin and thick lines, however you need to have a steady hand. I find that the product does not budge immediately after it is applied, so if you make a mistake you cannot correct it easily. I will put up a comparison picture of the different eyeliners I'm using.. as soon as I take them ^_^
and btw... Happy Year of the Dragon, may your wishes come true! (^vv^)


  1. I think that those Asian makeup really looks great. I think that they are beautiful on its own way. I think that those colors and design are absolutely lovely.

  2. Great haul! I have only been there once. I am due for another Asian makeup haul, but I might do ebay this time. I did get some BB creams off a store on ebay one for great prices and I wanted to get one again. Its the Missha BB cream. Its in like a burgundy tube. Its really great. If you ever see it, try it out!

  3. Be careful when you buy BB cream online. When I was looking up Skin79 Hot pink BB cream earlier last year I learned that there are a lot of fakes out there~ but shopping at pmall is such a rip off... T_T (BTW if I see it I will try out the Missha BB cream, thanks for the recommendation!)

  4. I have those hair velcro thingy, it's so useful to keep my hair away from my face when I do my makeup. Great post! I followed your blog. Please check out my blog and follow me ? :) Thanks a bunch !

    1. Thanks for subbing :) I followed your blog too, really loving the reviews!


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