Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Glymm box: January 2012

No candies this month =( does this mean no more treats, ever?! I guess it just made this box even more "meh"~~ I feel that when you get spoiled with something and it's taken away from you then it just ruins the goodness of it as a whole... Anyways, let's move onto the box~

January Glymm box 
Product/Price card~
2 x (7ml) Burt's Bee Milk & Honey Body Lotion (170g @ $12.99) I like to try this, but I really hate the tear away one time use packaging. I will probably transfer this product into a separate container~
 I thought that the Kaia Naturals cleansing cloths has really cute packaging(good marketing!!) It's also really nice to see the cruelty-free bunny on the top~ This is a facial cloths that boast to cleanse, tone and remove makeup~ At full price, 30 sheets goes for $17.99.
Vasanti Brighten Up! This is one of the products I am looking froward to trying~ :) It boasts to improve skin texture to reveal softer, brighter and younger looking skin~ We will see~ ^^
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel, I've used this before and I'm glad to see it in my Glymm box this month (now I will have one for on the go!)
Cargo Cosmetic Eye Pencil in Black (yay! another black eyeliner... except... so far they have all smudged on me... should I even bother trying?)
Final thought on this month's Glymm? B- it's not a bad box, but I'm just not crazy about anything in particular, although I do find the Kaia cleansing cloth intriguing~ I am a bit sad about the absence of jelly beans (cuz I really like the candy and the small bottle it came in...)


I tried the Cargo eye pencil and I loved the application, it was smooth and did not pull, unfortunately it smudges too easily on my water line~ will give it another go to see if I can keep it from turning me into a raccoon...


  1. This was my first Glymm box that I have reviewed, I was also disappointed to see that there was no jelly beans, I was looking foward to those little candies + the tiny jar .

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one with sweet tooth! XD

  3. This is my last Glymm box. I canceled it last month, but missed the deadline so I had to pay for the January one. I agree -- apart from the great quality of the pink Glymm box + ribbon and getting to try my first Anastasia product, I was mostly disappointed with this box. I was looking forward to the jelly beans too! My box was also missing the Kaia wipes (it was on the card). I thought that they had given me a Cargo pencil mini (1.1g, when the card says a full-size is 2g), but I looked online and the 2g on the card is a typo. I think I would have preferred the black. I got a pale brown colour.

    I don't envy these beauty box companies. It's a competitive market! I just signed up for Glossybox, hoping that it will be better than Glymm. Let me know if you want a reference link! :)


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