Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love it or Leave it

Hello pretties~ Just wanted to share with you some products I've been using lately...
please just ignore that eyelash... just pretend it's not there... I tried to get rid of it, but somehow it stayed on the photo.... I wonder how it got there... hm... (did I get you looking? haha)
EOS Everyday Hand Lotion (44ml) - First off,  I got this at Walmart while I was in the states for $3 USD, but then I recently saw them being sold at Pmall for $8CAD (!?) Overall, I think that the packaging is very cute and unique. I like that it is compact and not scented but as a lotion, I don't really think that it is moisturizing enough. For about the same price in the states I can pick up a 88ml lotion from Bath and Body Works that actually does its job. I'd say, Leave it!
Penguin Socks - This is the best $2.99 ever spent on socks! Keeps my feet warm when it's cold inside (my room is on top of the garage = extra cold) They were on sale at Rexall a while ago... should have picked up an extra pair. These are great for hardwood floor because they have these slip proof bottoms that are perfect for accident-prone people (aka me!) Love it!
Blistex Lip Medex -  I had to abandon my Jack Black since it was a bit too thick at times, so my little brother (who is 25 btw) introduced me to this great product that can be found find at your local drugstore/Walmart and half the price... <3 little brother~ I was surprised that I am enjoying the minty-ness and that I did not mind sticking my fingers in the tube (pet peeve!!) But I did end up getting the stick version as well (Thanks Daisy!!) Now I can use this baby at work without constantly going to wash my hands before application~ :) Love it!

Sugar-Free Peppermints by Little i - The mint were good to keep bad breath away, but my favourite part of this tin is the little mirror on the inside. It is great for on-the-go and is the perfect companion for liptsick (or in my case lipbalm) application~ Plus the little penguin is just too cute. Love it! (btw, did you notice a reoccurring theme??)
While I'm at it... let's bring some chocolate into the mix!
Rondoletti chocolate - I do not normally 'love' chocolate, but this 'luxury cream wafer' is delicious! It's crunchy on the outside, but creamy chocolate inside~ Great to have with tea or when you need a quick chocolate fix~ Love it! 
Biotherm Lait Corporel (125ml)- Let me start off with letting you know that I do not hate this product, it's just because at this price tag... 'I've had better' (anyone notice the quote from True Lies??~~) This product does moisturize your skin and has a fresh citrus smell, which could be a bit overwhelming if you are sensitive to smell. It comes out more watery and does not feel sticky after it applies. It's a decent body lotion, I just prefer my daily moisturizing lotion by Aveeno~ Leave it! 


  1. I really like this love it or leave it idea. I might steal it!

  2. Just do it! XD I'm glad you like the idea~


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