Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 3: Colouring Cheeks

My late post on blushes I used last week :) 
no flash, from left to right: Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in Exposed, TheBalm Down Boy blush/shadow, MAC Sheertone blush in Tenderling, Missha M show powder blusher in Heidi and Smashbox blush in Aperture

Monday: Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in Exposed
  • I decided to try this blush because Jen frmheadtotoe had rave so much about it. I have to admit that when I first saw it in the pan I was hesistant. It looked so brown that I thought I had either the wrong colour, or that it was suppose to be a bronzer, however, once swatched, you see this lovely desert rose colour. I heart it very much, and was glad that this was one product I didn't miss out on.
Tuesday: The Balm Down Boy blush/shadow
  • I purchased this blush because it was on sale on Hautelook without seeing any swatches or trying them out at the store. So I was pretty surprised at how light it looked in the pan and how bright it is when swatched. This is a very girly pink but when applied lightly is pretty lovely... I find that you can wear any bright blushes as long as you use a light hand...
Wednesday: MAC Sheertone blush in Tenderling
  • This is a lovely flush of colour that reminds me of Tarte's exposed but lighter. I like it's sheerness for the simple fact that it is pretty hard to mess up because the colour is so light. I think it's a lovely everyday shade for office wear or if you want a more natural look, though I find that if you were darker skintone it wouldn't show as well. A side note, small rant: I got this from Beyond the Rack sale a while back and I don't think I'd ever order from them again! It turns out to be a much smaller 'bargain/discount' and it took forever to ship even though it is based in Canada, coming from Montreal! Does anyone else have this problem? Also, they ruined my packaging by put tape all over them~ UGH~ sticky stuff on packages = pet peeve!!
Thursday: Missha M show powder blusher in Heidi
  • This blush is extremely sheer with small glitter that kind of bothered me because I know they are there. I bought it, thinking that maybe when my face is pasty white it'd show but it requires a lot of work, and at the end I wondered if the colour is coming from my face being rubbed so hard with the sponge applicator it came with. It was novel and now I just felt like I wasted money. Colour barely showed up on my arm. Does anyone know the trick to using this blush? I tried tapping it on my cheek too... didn't work XD
Friday: Smashbox blush in Apperture
  • Being the geek that I am, I purchased this blush because the name reminded me of a game I played with my husband a few years back. I love this peach/tangy orange blush on my cheeks because it gives a lovely glow on my face. It's a bit scary on pan and in swatch, but this blush isn't as orange as you might think. It was another pleasant find for me :)
Even though I'm addicted to blushes, I don't really have much to say about them... I find that many of the colours I own is similar, the quality of the blushes also seems to be the same, I also haven't really notice a difference in lasting power.

Anyhoot, onto next week's category... Being the MU junkie that I am, I have a tiny obsession with concealers, so I hope you look forward to seeing some of them featured next week. Until then, tata!

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