Monday, February 4, 2013

NOTD: UO Nail polish craze

I was playing with sparkly nail polishes at Urban Outfitters over the weekend, so I tried out: Scorcher (thumb), Unicorn (index), Spicy (middle finger) and then I have Essie's Ballet slippers as base for all my fingers except for my ring finger which only has Essie's As gold as it gets. :) it was a fun time swatching and I might actually go back to pick up something for a girlfriend :)
no flash
with flash
My 2 cents: I was surprised that the sparkles did not come off after washing dishes and after washing my hair. Spicy particularly surprised me as the pieces are quite chunky, but despite my lack of a top coat, it stayed on without falling out for a few days. Overall, I'm quite impressed by the quality of UO nail polish (I expected it to last only one day.) The one thing that got me with the UO nail polish is the aweful smell. It's still there after 2 days! Another thing I learned, is not to wear as gold as it gets alone... because it makes your nails look so yellow and so unpretty!

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  1. Fun! I may have to go get some, or at least do my nails with the polish I have at home. I just bought some new rings and, well, lets face it... they'd look much better on manicured fingers :)


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