Monday, February 11, 2013

Topbox February 2013

How happy are you to receive your Topbox this month? I know I was ecstatic! :) Even though I already own 4 of the products I've received, I'm still super glad to get the deluxe samples. I enjoyed them that much. :) It seems everyone so far has gotten the Benefit box privé~  Here's what's in it:
I love how it's Chinese New Year themed, yet the pinks and reds reminds us more of Valentine's day. Clever! :)
I love this primer and I'm so happy to get another deluxe sample of this :)
I was looking forward to receiving the Benetint in my box this month, because I wanted to put it in my purse. Perfect companion for everyday makeup looks~
This is one of the products I have not yet tried, but I am looking forward to it. So far my only impression is: beautiful packaging. Let's hope I enjoy this as much as the rest of the Benefit products I've tried :)
I got the Dandelion powder as a Sephora point perk bonus and really enjoyed the scent of it. It's a lovely subtle highlighter that gives a hint of glow on your face. I have not yet tried this gloss, but I really enjoyed the Coralista one, so I'm sure I'd like this too :)
I had just purchased the full size last week at SDM for $15, not yet tried, but looking forward to trying out this blush/lip product~
I was swept off my feet with this month's Topbox. This is by far my favourite subscription box. Even though there were no full sizes, Topbox was able to deliver multiple deluxe samples that were amazing. :) I am looking forward to see what Topbox has to offer in March and I'm super excited! :)  


  1. Replies
    1. :) This was one of the best boxes I got! XD I liked your Glossybox~~

  2. Holy moly, this is a great box. I need to figure out one of these subscription boxes, I've never tried one!

    1. It's a trap! XD I was so addicted to them. But the boxes are not always great~ =(

  3. that is a great box. I love the benefit themed box, I really think a one brand box is so great sometimes.

    1. :) I liked being able to select the brand, too bad you are not guaranteed to get it :(


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