Thursday, September 6, 2012

Loose Button Luxe Box: September / Fall 2012

I've been peeking at other bloggers' Luxebox and was so surprised with what they received. I simply couldn't wait to try out the Eyeko eyeliner or get a deluxe version of the blinc mascara. However, when I opened my box, I was only disappointed by what was in it. Neither of the two things I wanted was in my box.... boooh! I guess that's just my luck. Anyways, here's what I got:
all the goodies~
will use it and see if I get smoother skin :P
love the cute bottle and the scent of this, too bad I won't be using the perfume, it's going straight to my collection of miniature box :)
I know this is for all skin types, but I found that most things that don't say oil-free doesn't go well with my skin.... should I risk breaking out?
I was going to give this away, but then I smelled the perfume and I really quite liked it... guess I'm keeping and enjoying it :)
Moroccanoil again? hmm... I think I have received a sample of every product from this brand. I like the brand but I'm getting tired of seeing it in my boxes every month~
Lancome Deficil Mascara in black
I've always wanted to try these nail polish strips out, but found it too pricey... I'm glad I got this in Glitz Blitz, I can see myself wearing this on NYE :)

The packaging: classy rectangular box almost the size of a shoe box, has a personalized touch on the sticker with the Loose Button logo and the letter "M" embossed on it, instead of the usual packing material, they use a white cloth thingy to wrap the samples in. 
I am still debating if I want to keep this box. What do you think? for $26 does it seem worth it? Wait for the November box?  


  1. I thought there was supposed to be more stuff now that they are "seasonal"? It doesn't seem like that much more than before!

    1. I was disappointed with the products I got, but I keep thinking about giving Loose Button a second chance... So many other bloggers got better items =(


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