Monday, September 17, 2012

Current Unii Palette: Filled with Stila shadows~

Ever since I depotted the Stila Pro Artist Palette, I've also depotted some of my sample Lancome palettes as well as some mini Sephora single eyeshadows~ Here's how my current Unii's look~
Colors in my Stila palettes are: Wheat, Puppy, Eden and Rain
Colors in white Unii palettes are: 14 kt, Wisteria, Terracotta, Prussian(MAC), Tone, Coco, Expresso and Smashbox brow tech depotted
Colors in teal Unii palettes are: Stila's Prize, Sparkle, Kitten, Grand, Lucky, Moxie, Lancome's Honeymoon, Starry, Platinium, Rose Ancien, Praline, Aubergine and Sephora's Midnight Kiss, Aspen Summit, Engagement Ring, Made in Manhattan, Swimming Pool, Sweet Candy

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