Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August Glossybox 2012 Canada

So happy to get my Glossybox yesterday, even though it's not August anymore XD Here's the goodies I got this month!
I was quite curious about the brand BeFine, so I went on their website to read a bit more about it. I really like the way they organize everything. The products are categorized in sections like a meal plan, with Starters, Main and Final. Some things about this brand: They are allergens-free, fragrance-free, parabens and preservatives-free. It's also vegan and their products are not tested on animals :)
I'm very excited to try out this natural brand, this set came with night cream, mask and multiple cleansers and scrub!  
Glossybox teamed up with Kryolan for this Glossybox edition lipstick. I got a lovely pinkish lip colour, however, I have to say that the lipstick has a very off-putting scent.
Layla Bijou Nail polish and Sebastian Potion 9
Looking forward to trying these MU removing towelettes :)
I already put this sample in my wallet. Not looking forward to having to use it, but glad that I have it just in case I need it. Make sense? :)
et voilà the pretty packaging before I took everything out
I really like the August Glossybox. :D It's definitely an A because there was such a variety of products; skincare, hair, nails, makeup and I also received a cash credit from TrendTrunk :) So, what do you think about this box? 


  1. Replies
    1. Have you tried the glitter mascara yet?! I wonder if they would irritate the eye~

  2. I'm curious to try those BeFine samples! I was happy about the sebastian product because it's a good brand. Probably won't use the lipstick, not sure about the nail polish I might try it once. This was my last box as I have cancelled my subscription. The next months box will probably be really good just because I cancelled.

    1. I'm waiting to see another box (I keep saying this...) But I will see, since I'm not sure I need so many samples anymore... I've got boxes~~


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