Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Warehouse Sale: H2O, Smashbox, Marcelle, etc...

Lisa's Cosmetic Warehouse Sale April 28, 2012 (Day 1 of the many warehouse sales I will be attending in the next 3 weeks)
After an hour wait in line, I got into Lisa's warehouse sale... Like last time, it was packed (not as bad as Shiseido warehouse sale) but it got warm fast because of the amount of people in there. This time around, there were H2O products on sale for half price, so unlike last time, I spent quite a bit on skincare instead of makeup.

So what's the damage?
tada!!!  no, not all mine... 
Here's my haul :)
Some close ups~
Annabelle blushes, lip tint (that does not come off) and a pink eyeliner
Smashbox eyeshadow palettes and a stick blush
H2O skin care and eye makeup removers
Marcelle loose eyeshadow and a moisturizer with spf
Elizabeth Arden brush and some face capsules whitening thingy...
Finally some Sally Hansen randomness :)
I also got some chocolates too, as well as some body wash and Lysol wipes... It was very random... but I had a lot of fun :) Sorry for the very 'rush' feeling, I'm busy watching Em play Mass Effect 3 and I'm having trouble focusing on blogging... if anything is of interest to you and you want more info, let me know :) Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh yay thanks for the uploading so quickly about the sale I plan on going tomorrow so I'm glad I now have an idea of what is there this time around. I see you have a magnetic polish in there gotten a chance to try it out yet? :)

    1. Not yet, but I plan to soon! Hope you have fun at the sale XD

  2. Hi, thank you for the haul. I'm planning to go soon. Was there any smashbox gift sets or kits?

    1. Hiya, there were the same sets as last year I think.

  3. Oh wow, you got a lot of stuff! Sweet haul!

    1. There were some awesome deals ^_^ but I shouldn't have spent so much cuz the Shiseido warehouse sale is this coming weekend! Are you going?


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