Monday, April 30, 2012

Sasa Haul: Espie, JUJU Cosmetics, Sasatinnie...

So... After a stressful week of studying, I relaxed by placing my first order at  Here's some pictures and first impressions on some of these products! Enjoy. ** Be warned, this post is picture heavy **
SK-II Basic Care Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (20ml) $5.40 - TBH, the only reason why I got this was because SK-II products are always so expensive and I did not feel comfortable paying so much to try out the full-size. Instead, since Sasa had this travel size bottle on sale, I decided to pick one up. Will see how long this 20 ml bottle will last and if I can see any results ^_^
sooooo tiny!
ESPIE Vitamin E + Aloe Vera Lip Treatment (3.5 g) $4.90
Here's a pictures of the ingredient list for both the Aloe Vera and the Milk Espie... on the Milk one it clearly stated beeswax, so I will stay away from that for now... But, since I can't read Chinese, I will assume the other one doesn't have it and proceed to using it :)
First impression: This lip balm does not have any distinct scent. It applies smoothly, is not sticky and leaves a satin finish. I used it last night and I've had no reaction on my mouth area. 
clear swatch on my hand
ESPIE Vitamin E and milk lipcare (3.5 ml) $3.60

JUJU Cosmetics AQUAMOIST Moisture Milk (150 ml) $13.10 - Since summer is on its way, I thought I should start looking for a light moisturizer. I picked up this JUJU Cosmetic moisture milk because I remember Bubz mentioning this brand and reviews on this product online was pretty good.

First impression: It is unscented and feels almost like water. After application, the product was absorbed pretty quickly. Will have to see how the face react to this.
JUJU Cosmetics AQUAMOIST Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cleansing Oil (150 ml) $11.80 - First impression: This product has a pretty strong tangy/citrous scent which I did not like, after applying it to remove makeup I find that it is a bit sticky/oily. It seems to remove makeup pretty well when it was tested on the hand, but when I used to remove makeup on my face there was both foundation and eyeliner/mascara residues. I still needed to use an extra eye makeup remover to do that job... Perhaps I'm not using it right?
** Second attempt: I used it again on Monday and had better results. I messaged the oil on my face and left it on for a minute then rinsed with lukewarm water. With the cleansing washed off, I was surprised how soft my face was...
Sasatinnie Extra Precise Eyebrow Liner in 02 Gray $4.60 - First impression: It is so skinny that I was scared I would have trouble using it, but it turned out to be not so bad. I was surprised that gray turned out so natural when matched with my black hair. 
Sasatinnie Waterproof Retractable Eye Definer in 05 Metallic Green $ FREE! - First impression: I feel like this was an olive green with some sparkles. It was smudgeable at the beginning, but did not budge after a few minutes...
first swatch is the eyebrow liner, 2,3, and 4 are of the liner (thick line, thin line and smudged line)
DHC Eye Pack Sheet (6 pairs) $9.20 per pack - I quite like this eye mask that my good friend Ronnie let me try, so I got myself 2 packs to prep for the potential weeks of sleepless nights to come.. haha... This product boasts to combat dark eye circles and contains anti-oxidants to promote 'younger-looking' eyes...
ROHTO C3 Contact Lens Eyedrops (13 ml) $5.40 - This was a pretty expensive eye drop that I am not sure if I will use, but I have been curious about it since I heard it on a few bloggers site :)
Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black $13.50 --> I got this as a backup because I love it since getting it in my last Asian makeup haul and it would cost almost double the price buying it at Pmall.
This is everything I got from Sasa (plus a free nail clipper that I gave to Em-ster...) and...

I thought that I should share these pictures... 
My box arrived with the corner crushed in... but,
 Thankfully the extra packing peanuts and bubble wraps prevented anything from breaking, and also the fact that nothing was made of glass ^_^
Did you want anything reviewed more thoroughly? Let me know!


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