Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Go-to products

Most MU addicts (like myself) own a lot of makeup... however, only a select few are used daily... Here is my list:
  • Anastasia Go-To-Brow: quick and easy, I don't have to go hunting for a brush to apply it on and the highlighter on the other end :)
  • shu uemura eyelash curler: one word, L.O.V.E! no pinching and beautiful curls for people with short lashes~
  • eos lipbalm: my current fave is the mint one, because of it, my lips have never been softer! 
  • Maybelline Line Stiletto in brownish black: so easy to use in creating clean thin lines, a product I will definitely repurchase~
  • Almay one coat nourishing mascara: the mascara shows my curls beautifully and on most occasions does not leave me with raccoon eyes, but at times it might... I wish my eye area was less oily -__-
  • Urban Decay Naked palette: the colours are neutral, which is perfect for work, yet there are colours you can use if you want a bolder look 
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance: this is a very important product for people with oily eyelids as myself, although I must say that I prefer the UD primer over this...
  • Clinique mirror: it's a simple mirror that is slightly bigger than your palm, it does its job and it was free :)
My 'dailies.' Lately I've been using my October Luxebox as a tray to hold  frequently used MU

Due to hygienic reasons... I have to switch out my eyeliner and mascaras at the 3-6 months mark ( it really should be 3 months... but I pushed most to almost 6)... I feel that they were still okay, but I don't want to risk getting a stye... so here are the products I'm switching up with: 

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