Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Glymm box: November 2011

I have to start off saying that I had spoiled my surprise this month by looking at other blogs before arriving home to my own... oh well~~ here's my November Glymm box!

As expected, we get very pretty packaging...
product info sheet as well as the generic card for every subscriber...
lots of samples!
A coupon code: GLYMMBOX to get $10 off your purchase at brownsshoes.com
samples busting out of the box!
Annabelle Smudge Paint in Muddy: so excited to try this out :)
Rahua shampoo and conditioner, a brand I have not yet heard of...
candies!!! (sorry the pictures are out of sequence, as I usually like to put sweets first)
full size nail polish by RGB in "Oxblood"
Orlane's light smoothing cream, a face moisturizer for sensitive, fragile and allergic skin types... that's me!!!
Lise Watier  Flash lift radiance vial... my 2nd one~
Final thought: Honestly, I am not too crazy about the box this month... Halloween just passed, so getting a nail polish called "Oxblood" does not really hold much appeal... also I've already received the Lise Watier Flash Lift Radiance from my Luxebox last month... However, I have to say that this is a very well-rounded box and I am excited to try out the Annabelle Smudge Paint as well as the Orlane's face moisturizer. So with all biases aside, this month's Glymm box does deserve an A...


23/11/11: I'm sad to report that Orlane's face moisturizer is not good for me =( I used it twice (night and day) and my face turned pink and itched =( Needless to say, I will not try it out a third time to see if it's a charm~


02/12/11: I tried RGB's nail polish and was quite surprised by it. Oxblood is a very pretty (see colour here.) It's funny how things are never what you expect :)


  1. I was just on the Glymm site today. How do you find the products? Did you unsubscribe your subscription with Loosebox?

  2. Hey Michelle! I kept my subscription for another month. I decided to give it one more try because of the China Glaze nail polish last month... TBH, both companies offer a nice variety of samples... Just wish I didn't get duplicates. Loose Button does make you feel more special because of the little personal touches it add to your card and packaging, tho it can backfire when they screw up your name...

  3. I can't wait for my Glymm box!

    Also, isn't LuxeBox $12 instead of $10...hmmm.

  4. Kamilla, you are right about the price! But I saw other people's Luxebox for this month and I am very excited! Mine should be waiting for me when I get home tonight, will be posting!

  5. I got mine on Monday!!! weee. I am pretty happy.


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