Monday, November 14, 2011

Funny event: Hair serum as face moisturizer

This past weekend, a bunch of friends and I went to shop in the states and I decided to pack LAST minute Friday after work... Due to multiple issues, I was rushed to pack my skincare routine so I packed a bunch of samples (it's the only time I get try out them out...) Later that night when it came moisturizing my face, I used what I thought was the "Caudalie" moisturizer and applied it on my face... it felt a little too thick as a moisturizer but I didn't question it until I had it covered my entire face... I started to get strange tingly feeling on my face... so I quickly grabbed the little bottle and it reads "Kératese." Crap!!! I used a hair serum thinking it was a moisturizer! I freaked out and began washing my face rigorously with my La Roche Posay Toleriane and a hot towel... my face by then was red and slightly swollen... it looked bad...
Here's a picture of my cheek and chin... RED! it looked worst in real life as the flash from the camera stripped the picture of its depth...

After, I washed my face a few more times and my friend let me used some of her products that night... I was afraid to sleep and wake up... but... I was fine the next morning... I'm not sure if it was all that washing or if it was the products my friend gave me, but whatever it was it worked... my face was almost normal...

That day... I was determined to get a moisturizer for my face (it isn't easy to find something that works for oily combination acne prone skin!) No luck with Lancome products at DFCC, because it was all sold out. No luck at the CCO, everything was too expensive even though they were on sale... I got desperate when I got to Wal-mart that night and got the Yes-to-Tomatoes Clear Skin Balancing Moisturizer... BIG mistake... (Em has better judgement than me...) I put this on at night and instantly my face turned red and slightly swollen... I gave it another try in the morning... same thing happened... only my face got extremely dry as well... needless to say, I returned it to Wal-mart... I think that I should really stick to what works for me... When I came back to T-dot... I used my reliable Génefique Youth Activating Concentrate for the entire face and the Kiehl's Cryste Marine Ultra Riche on areas that are dry... the results? Awesomeness :)

Lessons of the day?

Make sure you read the labels before using a product.
Fiancé on rare occasions may be right! 

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  1. Glad to hear your skin returned to normal. It really sucks to try things out and then find out it doesn't work =( Seems like you have pretty sensitive skin.


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