Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review of products from September Luxebox

So I finally got to try out all of my September Luxebox items, and here are my reviews about each~

To refresh our memory, here's what I got:

My favourite item is the Mèreadesso face and neck toning gel.

I whole-heartedly loved it. It allowed me to be lazy and makes my skin look good. It is a two-in-one lotion that tones and moisturises. I like how it absorbs quickly and it did not leave my face oily as the day goes by... I have no complaints about this except that initially, the scent put me off... I am very sensitive to smell and this lotion has a unique scent to it, although gradually I got used to it. The only other downside to this (as I have mentioned countless times) is the price. Seriously considering buying a full-sized bottle...

Next is the City Lips by City Cosmetics in Nude York

I'm not the biggest fan of lip gloss because I do not like the sticky feeling and this will make your lips feel sticky... The thing I noticed about this product is that immediately after application, you will feel a slight tingly sensation on your lips followed by instantly more plump and hydrated looking lips. This effect lasted me quite a few hours basically until it has been chewed off my lips... (remember my problem with lipsticks?) This product does deliver instant result (fuller lips), but I'm not sure about the long-term effect as I do not use this consistently. Anyway, would like to add that it adds a beautiful shine over my natural lip colour which I like and if not for the stickiness, I think I could love this! Also, because of my limited experience with lip gloss, I found the applicator for this product amusing... It reminds me of nail polish brush, which tempted me to apply this on my nails ^_^

Next, is the Moroccanoil, the original Oil Treatment.

I like the gentle smell of this product, but I'm sad to say that it has not really done much to improve the condition of my hair. I've used it after 2 washes and it didn't show results, so I'm putting it away for now. Perhaps my hair is just too damaged for this to be effective... or am I using it wrong? I guess I just prefer using John Frieda's Frizz-Ease hair serum... 

and... finally the Laura Mercier Perfecting Water- Rich

I knew I shouldn't have tried this out... I broke out in tiny pimples and I am still trying to recover from the forehead and chin breakouts  =( this is definitely not for people with oily skin (why didn't I trust my intuition!) But... I've read several reviews that say that it is really good for dry to normal skin, so I will be giving this out to an auntie for her to try, will report back on how well this worked for her if she gets to it :)

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