Thursday, October 13, 2011

Glymm box: October 2011

I just received my Glymm box today and I would like to share some pictures I took with you!! Let's begin...

battered looking packaging with the corner slightly ruined... Let's hope the things inside are okay!
pretty pink box! the ribbon looks soooo 3D
 Warning: once again, this post is picture heavy!!! * spoiler alert if you didn't get your Glymm box yet~ *
I decided to use the Glymm box as a background. It seems fit because 1) this is Breast Cancer Awareness month, 2) I like pink and 3) my room is extremely messy, this helps cover that fact :)

Cute generic greeting, with quick intro of the goodies inside
I got three full-sized product!!! Whoopie!
candies, two lip products, an eyeshadow and a face moisturiser (originally they were messy, so I tidied it up to make it more presentable!)
but first the sweets :D I love this candy bottle, it is so cute!

Vasanti  - Micronized Silky Eyeshadow in Tokyo, $15
Caudalie - Premier Cru La Crème, suddenly $120 for the Mèreadesso Face + Neck Toning Gel doesn't seem outrageous... this bottle retails at $150 for the 50 ml bottle. I am definitely looking forward to trying this one out!
Lise Watier - Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss, $18
Principessa - Bacio Lip Balm, $11
empty box!!

Honestly... I'm still in shock that I got three full-sized product this month and also, it only took 1 day to deliver... I'm still not done wow-ing from the inside with all the goodies I received!  I'm not a big fan of lip products, but I can't complain about the lip balm and I'm quite curious about the Lise Watier Crayon Gloss~ I spent $10 to get $44 worth of products (plus the sample moisturizer which is at $150 for a full-sized 3.2g....) I'm happyyyyyy :D okies... this is it, for now! I will update as I get to try these out!!

If you already have membership with Glymm, please share with me what products you got this month! If not, please check out Glymm at this link: :D Thanks for reading!~


Update: I thought I should give each box a rating... this month is definitely an A, not perfect because it has too many lip products and I'm not the biggest fan, but it felt soooo nice to have so many full-sized to try out.


  1. OMG! i am so excited! I hope to receive mine soon.

  2. I hope you receive yours soon too!!! :D I like watching / reading people unbox their surprises!!


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