Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Randomness from the month of September

Here's a bunch of random pictures I took last month that I didn't get to write a post about, but would still like to share, even though the month is over. Here we go!

These are the products that I brought to our mini Tobermory trip. I got to try the Mèreadesso Face + Neck Toning Gel that I got in my September Luxebox and I really liked it. There was enough product to last me 2 weeks! I love how it absorbs quickly, as well as saving time having only one application for two functions and my skin felt great. Also, as a bonus it did not grease up my face. I am currently contemplating forking out $120 for the 50mL bottle... Any thoughts??

oooh! I also started using my prescription med for my acne, and so far so good... :) it seems benzol peroxide works for me :)

eM's dad won this makeup gift basket at a school reunion dinner and he gave it to me :) It contains a bunch of Lancome goodies selected and sponsored by Marlene Lai :) such an awesome prize, I wuv it! It consisted of 2 full sized products (liner and mascara) and a lot of deluxe sample size items~

the kidz in a pink basket with lots of makeup
While I was on my Atlanta trip, I was introduced to the world of Pandora jewellery... and I purchased my first bracelet: 3 charms plus a safety chain~ I wanted a more neutral colour bracelet that I can wear on a daily basis. What do you think about my selection? What should be next? I find that the 3 charms move around a lot and I probably need clips, but... they are so big and bulky... 

Pandora bracelet
And for fun... this is a very special box given to me on September 17th :) I heart the bow~ haha...

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