Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Feeding my E.L.F. addiction!


So here's my recent E.L.F. hauls... I got this first haul when ELF was having their 50% off Studio line... They short shipped me the makeup remover cloths, so I contacted customer service, within 24 hours they had an order in the system and I received the missing part a week later in the mail. So far, I have not had any problems with their customer service... :) 

From this mini order, I've tried the cream liner in Teal Tease and really enjoyed it. Lovely colour, easy to apply and glides on smoothly... I'm glad I also got it in black and punk purple (which I gave to my friend cuz she loves eyeliners and the colour purple.) It was my first exposure to cream liner and I found it even easier to use than my CG liquid liner. <3

Onto my second haul...

ELF had their 7 year anniversary sale in the month of July and for 70 minutes on July 7th, there was a 70% off sale sitewide.... I could not resist... so here's my haul (that I finally received on July 25...)

I bought mostly things that I wanted to try out but haven't got around to or wouldn't want to pay full price for (ie false lashes...) The discount was quite sweet, I got everything above for less $20 USD (plus crazy Canadian shipping of $14.95...) Still... I think I'm ELFed-out for the year... :)


ahh.... I must note... the blending wedges were awful... I didn't even get to try it out because they reeked so badly... wished I got something else as a filler.. haha...

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