Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Water Marble Nail Art

Last night we tried this extremely cool marble nail art! Of the 8 fingers I did... Only 2 (and half) was successful! Nonetheless, it is very pretty!!

At first, it was difficult and I made some 'cow' pattern because I keep putting drops of nail polish everywhere, but eventually I got the 'bulls-eye' perfected... it was fun :)

Roni was a natural at this... 
I... was not as successful...
...but we learn through our failures :)
Here's some tips for those who wants to try this out...
- put tape around your nails!! it makes a big mess if you don't (I learned it the hard way)
- test out each nail polish to see if it will spread in water
- leave the bottles open so that you can quickly and easily get each drop
- MUST apply a base colour (we found that the color is less vibrant and in some cases there are gaps where the nail polish did not spread to)
- top coat is an essential last step (preferably a quick dry!)
- use a toothpick to remove excess nail polish before you take your finger out of the water
- lastly... patience!

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  1. You guys have got a makeup laboratory going. And you two are like makeup scientists! :P


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