Thursday, June 9, 2011

Accessories Haul from June 2011

I know this is not makeup... but this is (sorta) beauty related... :) Anyways, I purchased a bunch of accessories at a good price that looks good and is decent quality... One should always share bargains  =)
This piece is soooo cute, it reminds me of little lifesaver mints. It is a necklace that can also be worn as a belt over a dress or plain shirt :)
I like this particular necklace for two main reasons.  1) The color: an absolutely gorgeous shade of blue. 2) The unique combination of metal and fabric on the chain :) My friend also purchased a similar one in red.  
I got this because I needed another item for my 3 for $12 deal.... Surprisingly, it looks quite nice with the right top! Simple and classy.

It was love at first sight with these two necklaces :) I feel that they can match everything. These seem to make any plain outfit look more classy =) I really like long hanging necklaces, but I had no black ones until now... 

I got all these (and more) at the warehouse sale last week for less than $40 :) I forget to take a picture of a ring and a bracelet I got. There were so many to choose from.. I could have spend hours looking at the variety of styles available... :)

Found this picture that had the bracelet... also, I wanted to share with you this beautiful pair of size 6 fabric sling-back pumps by Guess, from 2010 Delightful line... Good thing shoes don't have an expiration date! They look gorgeous and fit perfect... despite of my regular shoe size being 7... I'm in LOVVVE :)

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