Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lipstick / Lipbalm Haul!

Last week I read on a blog about EOS lipbalms on sale at Rexall, so Roni and I decided to go check it out... unfortunately, the sales girl working there told us that they have discontinued selling them (I guess that's why the sale...) we were bummed out until we found out that they had a buy 1 get 1 free lip products promotion going on, and there began our search for lipsticks and lipbalms! Here's my mini haul~

Vasanti tinted lipbalm in Cancun

Vasanti Conquer 3in1 lip treatment (I find myself reaching for this as often as I do my EOS lipbalm.. hmm...)

A little bit of interesting information about this brand that I want to mention is that it is Canadian, it's products are all made in Canada, and it is founded by 3 Canadian women :) oh and their makeup are cruelty free :) This is my first exposure to this brand since I have only recently started shopping at Rexall but I can see myself purchasing more Vasanti products :)

Revlon Just Bitten lipstain + balm in Flame and Passion

Flame is a pinkish red that is almost coral on my lips, I find it a little on the bright side and have only paired this with neutral eyes so far.

Passion is a girly pink that brightens the face, yet looks very natural and youthful. I found that it matches my lip colour very well. I've only worn it twice and found myself enjoying it.

Something about this product that I like is that on the other side of the lip stain is a lipbalm, which is good considering how drying lip stains can be. I like this combination over the Benetint lip stain and gloss because I prefer the non-stickiness aspect and the moisturizing component, although I must say, I still prefer my EOS balm :)

Rimmel in Rose Sorbet

I have not yet tried this... and is still contemplating whether I should be keeping it because I have many lipstick similar to this colour... So we'll see... I am curious on how well it applies and moisturizes.

Tried it and loved it :) It is surprisingly moisturizing because my lips did not peel after and was still very soft by the time I took if off at night, the colour was also gorgeous :)

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