Sunday, May 8, 2011

P&G Warehouse sale 2011

I went to my first P&G sale and it was fun!! Here's a list of stuff I got and the awesome price I got them at:

Cover Girl items: $2 for one or $5 for 3 items (you can choose from any of the following: eyeliners, translucent powder, lipsticks, nail polish)
L'Oreal hair dye: $3 for one
Olay face moisturizer day/night: $3 / $5
Revlon 10x zoom mirror: $3
Bert's Bee lip balm: $2
Box of Stix (6 bags/pack, 10 pack/box): all for just $3!!
Pringles chip: $1
Mini Eggs: $1

By the time I got into the warehouse (1pm) there was no more toilette paper or paper towels or detergent. But it's okay, I went there for the experience, and I got to hang out with auntie... so it was all good :) Can't wait to hang out with auntie again!!

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