Sunday, May 15, 2011

L'Oreal + Shiseido warehouse sale 2011

Yesterday we went to both the L'Oreal warehouse sale as well as the Shiseido one and it was insane!!! There was a lot of people there and the lineups were crazy long! We waited only an hour to get into each sale however to get into the Shiseido sale could take up to 3 hours in the morning, on top of that there was a huge lineup just to pay!! This was a day full of standing, walking and being shoved around with some very aggressive shoppers at both sale who went coucou over everything!

Inside the L'Oreal warehouse sale

crazy line up to go into the Shiseido warehouse sale

Inside the Shiseido warehouse

the shopping crew!

From the top of my head I remember only buying some eyeshadows, mascara, sunscreens, and hair products from the L'Oreal sale and for the Shiseido sale it was mainly eyeshadows(again), eyeliners, blushes, nail polishes and I got one moisturizer. Both sales had great deals however I feel that the sale at Shiseido was better as there were more options for skincare and they were continuously restocking items throughout. Will post pictures up when I finally get to it :)

Notes for when you go to these sales:
- wear comfortable shoes (you will be standing a lot!)
- wear t-shirt (it gets very hot and stuffy inside)
- bring water (keep yourself hydrated, they have washrooms if you need to take a break)
- bring snacks (especially if you decide to go to two sales on the same day)
- set a limit (you don't want to max out your credit cards, however please note that at the L'Oreal sale they do have a $600 limit per ticket)
- and finally, learn kung fu. I kid you not, you will be fending people off you and your stuff!!! Haha!!

Oh yeah. And after all this madness I still ended up going to Pacific Mall and Market Village to pick up my Shiseido stick foundation (it was not at the sale) and my Skin79 BB cream. I am prepped for summer :)


  1. Aww I wish I could go to the L'Oreal sale.

  2. No worries, the sale is still going on, so if you can find tickets you can go! They restock on Wednesdays. Unfortunately, they didn't have many Lancome products and I heard that the price were better in the November sale =(

  3. I went to the L'Oreal one since I heard the Shiseido warehouse sale is pretty expensive! Thanks for the pics and tips :) Really help for the next time I prepare to go :D

  4. Hi Steph! I actually found that the sale at Shiseido was actually cheaper(up to 70% off on some things) I think that it depends on what you are shopping for, though you should really check it out yourself come November :D


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