Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Buxom - Big and Healthy Lip Cream

Description from Sephora website: "Tingle, plump, and shine your smile to super-sexy proportions. No shimmer, no glimmer—this creamy lip gloss delivers velvety-smooth color with intoxicating shine. The hyaluronic filling spheres infuse lips with moisture for creamy soft perfection and the look of a full, extra-kissable pout. Vitamins A and E help keep the skin supple, yet protected, and the fun tingling sensation reminds you the gloss is hard at work." 
This creamy gloss is described as a peach sorbet, which goes on quite bright when applied on bare or dull looking lips. On days I'm too lazy to apply much colours, ie blush and bronzer (which is most days...) I find that this help to instantly brighten my face and make me look more awake/alive. This product is actually quite moisturizing and feels lovely on. It's lasting power is decent, as long as I don't constantly sip my coffee in the morning, reapplication is pretty minimal. I love this especially for the fact that it is non-sticky and not overly shiny since some glosses have that 'greasy' looking effect. When you first apply this, there is the initial tingling sensation, which goes away around the same time the 'plumping' effect wears off. 

Creamsicle was purchased on a whim... and I have been hopelessly hooked ever since! However, due to my lips acting up to Fresh's Sugar lip treatment (has beeswax as first ingredient) I had a severe reaction that took me nearly 20 days to heal... in any case, I'm glad my lips are finally back to normal and I can take pictures of this wonderful product on my lips. Now onto some pictures!
On my lips with no flash
with flash
with flash
Overall Rating ***** / 5 (1 = worst 5 = best) I really enjoy this and I'm looking forward to trying other colours which this formula!

more swatches:
swatched on the back of my hand, no flash
with flash
with flash
with flash
Here's a picture of me sporting Creamsicle on my bare lips. As you can see when paired with neutral eyes, this lip cream can really add a pop colour and brighten the entire face! :)

I also find that this gloss is great layered over a darker lip colour, this will 'brighten' the colour for a more daytime look. I tried this over Clinique's A Different Grape and really liked the colour, you should do some experimenting too!!

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